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The Moon

Beginning of this month was a full moon and lunar eclipse. I do not do astrology so I am not sure what the significance of that is, except that it can be pretty to look at. The Full Moon was beautiful.

The Moon in tarot is about dreams and visions. What you want to become or have happen to you, envision it first in your head, then work on making it reality. I believe that the less said about things the better. Talking is easy, taking action can be hard. But actions are all that really matters.  My mentor, Ann Cass (creator of the WorldTree Tarot) used to say that talking about what we want without even attempting to act on the dreams or work toward the goals we have, are just “Unicorn dreams,” not anything we really plan to do anything about.

So, what dreams do you have? What are you willing to bring them into reality? Here is a hint: start very small. What small thing can you do this very week to make something great happen? As the proverb says, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. What is YOUR first step forward?

The moon is waning now, a good time to work on deleting and clearing things out of your life, before the new waxing moon and you begin to add things again.

Do you envision a nice home with everything in its place? During this waning Moon, work on de-cluttering. Get rid of what you do not want any more. This is a good time to give it all to Goodwill or whatever charity you favor. When the Moon waxes large again, think about what you want to add to your home.

And you can work on de-cluttering your head too. Do you want new love in your life? Now at the waning of the moon, a good time to clear out old baggage from past relationships. Spend some time looking at the old relationships in your head and forgiving yourself for what happened then. Forgive yourself for how you allowed yourself to continue when a relationship should have ended. Forgive yourself for being fooled by a slick talker. Then, when the moon is new, start thinking about what you want in a new relationship. Do not choose too many things to want, you end up with no one person who will have all those traits. Instead, pick out two or three. Maybe a good sense of humor, good manners, a person who is an avid book reader, whatever you would like to see. Then, as the moon waxes again, think about how to meet so one new. If you want a reader, consider a book club, if you want to meet someone athletic, try to find a walking/running group. You may not meet them immediately, but if you put it out there, it will come to you.

Think of the Moon as you envision what you want to achieve. First, by waning (getting rid of bad memories or stuff) and then as it waxes again, acknowledging your desires and making a plan to achieve them. It can be done.



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