I hired Barbara to read palms as part of the entertainment at a baby shower, and she was a huge hit. It’s a few weeks since and guests are still telling me how much they enjoyed her and what a neat addition her services were to the usual baby shower activities.

Barbara was very professional and great about communication. Before we booked her, she gave me a clear idea of what her services entailed and how well different options (palm readings, tarot, etc) might be suited to our event. After booking, she was always prompt about responding to any questions I had and also set up a time to go over everything one last time by phone the week of the event itself.

Having never included anything like this in previous parties I’ve thrown, I had a lot of questions about how best to set things up for Barbara’s palm readings, work this into the schedule of events, get shyer guests to participate, etc, and Barbara offered helpful suggestions based on her experience as an entertainer at other events. She was also very patient and accommodating on the day of the shower when the meal ended up getting served a bit late, throwing off the original schedule I’d planned–Barbara just rolled with it, and her calm professionalism put my nerves at ease too. The shower ended up being a huge success, and Barbara played a big part in that.

If you’re looking for a fun, uplifting entertainment option for your event, I highly recommend Barbara G. Meyer

Anon Y.

Barb was wonderful. She asked great questions to understand what we needed and showed up with a lot of positive energy to bring to all the guests’ readings. Everyone was into it!! Thanks Barb for making the party extra ordinary.

Kate G.

Barb was hired to do a 40th Birthday party for a female friend. We originally booked her for a two hour time slot. She was so engaging with our guests we asked her to stay for another two hours. She was the hit of the party. If you are having a party and are looking for a way to entertain your guests, Barb is definitely the right choice.

Carole W.

Our company’s Employee Appreciation Team had Barbara come in to do readings for the employees as a Halloween treat, and Barbara was absolutely amazing to work with start to finish. She was very responsive to phone calls and emails and extremely accommodating with scheduling and payment. Barbara showed up early on the day of the event and was very polite, friendly and professional. She very graciously agreed to do back-to-back readings for five hours straight in a very hot room and even stayed a bit late to meet with three extra people who were not originally on the schedule. Best of all, our employees loved her! Many people told me that her readings were right on and how impressed they were with her overall. Several employees took her card and are planning to contact her for more readings. I would absolutely not hesitate to work with Barbara again, and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for this type of entertainment.

Kellie N.