Psychic Entertainment in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan area since 1989Psychic Entertainer, Barbara G Meyer

Starting in 1989, Barbara G Meyer has become one of the top Psychic Entertainers in the Chicago Area. She specializes in tarot cards and palm reading adding fun to every type of party or special event.

Barbara will give each of your guests an insightful, positive and FUN one-on-one reading that will leave them amazed and excited about their futures. Your guests will talk about the reading they received at YOUR party for months afterward.

Barbara is flexible and can fit her act into your plans. She can sit at a separate table and let people come to her or walk unobtrusively through the crowd reading as people talk among themselves or even walk from place to place as people sit at the dinner tables. All depends on what YOU want. She can dress as a “Gypsy Fortuneteller” (Madame Zandra, who knows all! Tells all!) or in plain clothes (a “psychic-y look”) as you want.

Psychic Entertainment is appropriate for age 12 and up. It adds an extra dimension of fun to Bar- or Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16 Parties, Graduation Parties, adult birthdays, family picnics and parties, cruises, holiday parties, corporate events, conventions, and trade shows, wedding receptions and bachelorette parties and any other time you would like to add unique and FUN entertainment to make your party more memorable.

Call Barbara Meyer at (773)-282-6556 or e-mail her at info@bgmeyer.com to discuss how she can add FUN to your next party or event.

With Barbara Meyer…