Lessons in reading tarot cards: Finding new meanings for Tarot Cards

When I started reading tarot cards, I did what was recommended to me by others. I got a notebook and wrote the meanings of each card on it. As I read more and came up with new meanings, I added them in. I do not do this anymore, but maybe I need to start again. It is not necessary to memorize meanings for the cards but knowing that the meanings of the cards are fluid allows you to seek new meanings as you read someone. Meanings that you may add to your arsenal of meaning for each card.


Once when I was teaching my Introduction to Tarot cards class, the card 8 of cups came up. 8 of Cups shows someone walking away from a messy stack or array of cups they cannot make neat. Standard interpretation: let it go, you cannot finish this, so don’t even try. Good enough. But the person who I had appointed to read the card added this: there are rocks and boulders to get over to leave, so it may be a struggle to get away. I was blown away. I had never thought about that! This was a new shade of meaning for that card. If they had just gone with a standard interpretation this would have never come up. Instead, the reader looked closer at the picture and found more meaning.


This is the best way to read the cards, look at the picture very carefully and see what it tells you. Sometimes it will be the typical thing, sometimes something very new and very meaningful to that reading. A new meaning is coming in straight from your intuition, and that makes a great reading.


What do you see when you look at a tarot card? To go back to 8 of cups, I knew it meant leave it all behind, but I did not realize that struggle may be involved.  Someone showed me that there is more detail than just what the card usually means. That is a lesson I still can learn. After so many years, I am still a beginner!


Play with your cards. Find new meanings in each one and find yourself getting deeper and deeper into that magical realm. Have FUN!


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