And then a miracle happened…. 7 of cups versus Moon reversed

My favorite Gary Larson cartoon is a picture of two scientists studying a blackboard. The left side is covered in math and so is the right side. The middle is an open gap with one sentence on it, “And then a miracle happened….” One of the scientists is pointing at the gap and saying: “I think you need to put in a little more detail here.”

I think all of us, when we dream a big dream need to put a bit more detail in the middle section between where we are now and where we want to be. When we dream big dreams, we do not bother to think about how we will get there, only that we want to arrive. We say to ourselves (and maybe others) “Someday I am going to….” whatever. But if we do not have a plan of actions—even actions we are not ready to commence doing now, then things are what a good friend used to call unicorn dreams. Fantasies that really cannot get anywhere because there are no actions attached to them. If we really want to get somewhere, we need to be willing to roll up our sleeves and start.

Easier than you think
We may not even need as much effort as we imagine it will take. As I have said before, once you start working on an outcome you want, new faster/easier paths may open and lead you to the goal even faster than you had hoped. But starting is necessary.

7 of Cups
7 of Cups is about dreaming big dreams. You imagine both the good things that may happen and the scary things too. Classically, the 7 of cups shows someone looking at cups filled with ghosts, snakes and dragons but also laurels that we can win and riches that may come to us. We can do well in the future if we are willing to work and have some luck, or we may fail and need to start again. But at least we are working forward, doing actions that can lead to success.

Moon Reversed
This is so much better than the Moon Reversed. Sitting and wishing for dreams to come true, while all the time life is passing us by. Stop talking about what you will do someday. Either enjoy what you have today or start working on the next action to get to the dreams you have for tomorrow. Either is good. Just get going.

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