Online Psychic & Tarot Card Readings

Virtual Parties, Online Tarot Readings & Classes

Online Psychic Readings.  Can’t have the group over for a party? Have a virtual tarot party. Get a group of your friends together (10-person limit recommended) and have a Zoom party with Barbara G Meyer, Psychic Entertainer. Gather all your friends online and tune in together. Barbara will read each of you one-on-one. Barbara will use the “waiting room” feature to bring a guest in individually into the reading room, read for them, then send them out for the next person to come in. Want to do this as a group? Come in together or in small groups as desired.

Online private readings. Barbara is already available to do tarot readings by phone but if you want a visual one-on-one reading this is possible too. Barbara will set up a Zoom chat on a date and time you have arranged with her ahead of time and you can opt for a 15-minute or 30-minute reading. Just call into Zoom (you must have a camera on your device to see Barbara and be seen and the reading will happen. Don’t have a camera? Just call and get a phone reading.

Tarot class. Have you (and your friends) always wanted to learn to read tarot cards? Barbara teaches a 1.5-hour class introducing you to the history, lore, theory and basics of doing a tarot reading for yourself and others. Myths about tarot will be dispelled and you will learn how you too can be a tarot reader. This is done by Zoom, 10 people minimum. invite your friends to join you for a fun and educational evening.  

Want to meet in person? (In small groups?)  This will all be over soon enough, and we will be a be able to meet again in small groups. Have Barbara come in and entertain at your small gathering and enjoy fun of a tarot reading or palm reading one-on-one while the rest of you sit in the other room and discuss the positive insights you received.

Whatever way you do it, FUN is had when Barbara comes to your party. Call today!