4 of cups and Spring cleaning

The 4 of cups is a difficult card. A person looks annoyed, even angry at the cups in front of him and another cup is materializing beside him. More of the same we think, and we do not want what is coming any more than we want what we have now. But abundance is what is materializing, and we need to be grateful for new and for more—no matter what it is. I have found one answer to this problem: Spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is done when the light starts to come back, and we see how dusty and old everything has become. I am not just cleaning this year; I am cleaning out. The pandemic is finally, truly, over and it is time to welcome new and better things into our lives. Some people make resolutions to exercise more or eat better or other new and better habits. I have made a resolution to clear out old stuff I no longer want or need.

But it can be depressing. When you get rid of old stuff, you also get rid of old dreams. For me, I used to do some fun crafts, but I do not love them anymore. So, the tools to do them must go now. I have décor or small tchotchkes that I used to love, but now I am bored with them. So, out they go.  I must clear out the old to welcome the new in. I mourn the old dreams that have died.

Still, as the 4 of cups shows, new things are coming in. New dreams, new ideas, new paths to try. We start again from scratch, what will our life be like with these new things there? By clearing out the old, we have room for the new.

The message of the 4 of cups is clear: do not get stuck in the “good old days”. Embrace these new and better roles/jobs/events/friends that are coming and move forward. The future can be an exciting place. Clearing out the old (stuff and ideas!) can be very freeing.

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