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Hosting A Virtual Tarot Party

Hosting A Virtual Tarot Party

Are you looking for some clarity in your life? Maybe some guidance through your most challenging concerns and questions? Well, tarot helps yourself and others find answers and direction in life. Whether you’re looking to host a memorable party or you’re looking for some one on one insight, hosting a virtual tarot reading sounds like a great option for you!

Scheduling Your Virtual Tarot Class or Reading

If you want to have a party virtually, the setup is easy! You (the client) will contact me with a date and time in mind. I set up a Zoom Meeting and send you the link to join. To pay for your session, I accept PayPal or checks, whatever is convenient for you.

Then, pass the link on to your friends with the time and date. When the date arrives, all you and your guests need to do is click on the link. I will be waiting for you, and we can begin when everyone arrives.

If you plan to schedule a session from somewhere outside of the United States, we will be in constant communication, so we know what days/times we should show up to the reading.

What to Expect from Your Virtual Reading

For a party, I can dress up as “Madame Zandra” (who knows all! Tells all!) The session can be as short as 30 minutes since I do not need to leave my house to do the party. There are no travel expenses at all! If you live in one part of the country and have friends somewhere else, you can all come together and have a great time.

I have done some parties now with two cameras, and I can replicate a LIVE party’s same experience. Zoom allows you to create Breakout rooms where I would be ALONE with the person I am reading. After introductions are made, I will disappear with the first guest into the breakout room. I can bring people in one by one (or with a friend or two) and read them privately. Meanwhile, the rest of the group or party can talk among themselves or wait quietly for their reading.

If your prefer to have a reading done in front of everyone else, this typically works best with small groups where everyone is interested. Because people like to talk to others while they wait, it can get too distracting and noisy. I recommend having the guest of honor (the Bride at a Bachelorette party or Birthday girl or whatever) read in front of all (if the GOH consents), and the rest retire with me to the breakout room, one by one or in groups of 2-3 if they want company.

What to Expect from Your Breakout Rooms

In the breakout room, I use two cameras and switch between them. They get to see the cards as I lay them out, then see me as I discuss the reading with them. When they are done, they leave the room, and I (or the host, if there is a host for the party that is not me) sends in the next person to be read.

The effect is smooth and very easy to achieve. People get to chat among themselves, tell others about their experience with me, and meanwhile, the next guest is enjoying their reading. FUN is had!

The best part is that I can do big parties or small ones. Currently, most of my parties tend to be small groups, but if you are thinking of a bigger holiday party, it would be great! Everything is virtual, so there is no risk of a virus or need to wear a mask. I make sure to create a fun environment!

Scheduling Your Next Virtual Tarot Group Reading

Are you feeling bored this Winter? Invite some friends to join you and have a little fun with a Virtual Tarot Party.

Have you been curious about tarot cards? Want to learn the basics? I can give you and your friends an Introduction to Tarot Cards.

To learn more about our virtual tarot classes and readings, contact us online today!

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