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Picking a Tarot Deck

How do you pick a deck to use? There are hundreds even thousands of published and unpublished decks to choose from. Some people like to create their OWN tarot decks. Some decks have pictures on the Minor Arcana. some (referred to as Marseille decks) don’t.

The best way to pick a deck for you is to look at a lot of them. Ask friends to let you look at their decks. Go to a store where they will let you look at lots of different decks. Don’t just look at the boxes, thumb through the cards. If you go on-line, most tarot card publishers will show several example cards out of a deck. Pick a deck with pictures that attract you. Ask yourself: do these pictures say something to me? Do I understand at least some of the pictures and what they are saying?  Do I like the art? How do I feel looking at these cards? No, that is not irrelevant: I for one, feel very uncomfortable looking a the pictures of Toth (or Crowley) deck. (Others LOVE that deck. It isn’t a bad deck, but the mind behind it was very different than mine and the messages of the cards give me the willies.) Some decks you won’t feel anything about, others will be so meaningful to you, you will KNOW what many of the  cards mean to you.

That one would probably be a good deck for you.

Take your deck home and play with it. Don’t memorize the meanings of the cards as listed in the Little White Book that comes with it, try to figure out what each card may mean for YOU. That is the way to open up your Inner Vision.

What are tarot cards?

I am sure you have seen Tarot cards and wondered about them. Maybe you have even had a reading before. I am starting a new series here of short pieces about tarot. I hope you enjoy them. For this first piece, lets talk about what Tarot is and what it is not. It is 78… Continue Reading

The Hermit

The Hermit Once you begin a path, you need to stop from time to time to take stock, to be sure you are on the “right” path for you.  The Hermit traditionally stands at the peak of a mountain and looks down. He is looking back to see how far he has come before descending… Continue Reading


Strength The Strength card has nothing to do with physical prowess. It has everything to do with mental ability. Traditionally, it depicts a  woman closing a lion’s month. NOT forcing it open, which would require a good deal of strength. Instead she is going with the natural path and forcing it closed.  Which requires coaxing… Continue Reading

The Lovers

The Lovers In the older, Marseilles tarot decks, a Man is caught between two women. A dark-haired, often older person, and a younger, lighter haired woman.  The title of this card was sometimes called “the Choice”. The Man had to make a choice: between an “earthy,” probably sinful person, and a “purer,” light haired–probably light… Continue Reading

The Hierophant

The Hierophant Traditionally, the Hierophant is the intermediary or interpreter between the worshiper and the their deity. Who ever or what ever that is. Before this century, most decks called him the Pope. To most modern readers, this is mostly a negative card, referring to the “Keeper of the Keys”–again the Pope, who was the… Continue Reading

The Emperor

If the Empress is spontaneous, the Emperor is a planner. The Empress wallows in reality as it is. The Emperor lives apart from it. He wants to control his world. To have a controlling attribute is not bad thing by itself.  We need to control many aspects of our life. Our environment should be under… Continue Reading

High Priestess

The High Priestess To contradict the good Captain, The Mind, not Space is the final frontier. As we begin our Tarot Journey, we are the Magician who lays out  the tools and starts figuring out what he or she can and cannot do with them. But we also find that doing Tarot can be hazardous.… Continue Reading

The Fool

The Fool dances on the edge of a cliff. In at least one 19th Century deck, the Wirth Tarot, there is a crocodile, waiting expectantly for the Fool to fall into his open month. We all know people like this, who seem to take risk after risk and always come out on top. We care… Continue Reading

tarot card talk on the radio!

I am on the radio now, at least Internet radio. 17 yrs ago I appeared on my friends radio show, Psychic Chicago Radio. I did readings on the air, it was FUN.  Also we recorded Radio spots of me talking about Tarot. Now they are doing Witch School Radio and have asked me to do… Continue Reading