Private Parties

Psychic Entertainment Private Tarot Reading Parties

Book your next party or corporate event with Barbara G. Meyer, one of the top psychic entertainers in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan area.

What is a Tarot Party?

Psychic Tarot Readings for private parties is a unique way to add interest and insight to your next get-together. Whether you are hosting a bridal shower, family reunion, or corporate retreat, Tarot readings captivate guests while also helping them to answer some of their important questions.

At a Tarot party, guests meet with Barbara G. Meyer one-on-one for a short time, where she will use the 78 cards of the Tarot deck to provide insight into some of their important questions or life concerns. Barbara’s readings fit well into all sizes of parties and events, and she can talk with as many or as few guests as you prefer. Anyone throwing a party in Chicago should consider incorporating a psychic reading from Barbara into the event.


Who Should Host a Private Tarot Reading Party?

There is no limit to the type of event or gathering that could include Barbara’s talents. What better place than a graduation party to use the skills of a psychic entertainer? Who doesn’t want answers to burning life questions on their birthday?

If you are looking for a private event psychic in Chicago, look no further than the Psychic Entertainment provided by Barbara G. Meyer. A Tarot reading party is perfect for all types of events, especially:

• Weddings and Receptions
• Spa Events
• Ladies’ Night Out
• Fundraisers
• Bridal Showers
• Holiday Parties
• Family Reunions
• Birthday Parties

Whatever the occasion, your guests will enjoy warm, whimsical, magical experiences when they receive their reading from a talented and experienced psychic and Tarot reader. Your guests will remember your party for years to come when you provide them with a private Tarot reading party.

What to Expect from Your Tarot Reading Party?

Barbara gives each of your guests an insightful, positive, and entertaining one-on-one reading that will leave them amazed and excited about the future. Tarot has been used for over 200 years to provide spiritual guidance and help people discover their own intuition and needs.

Would you like a group activity instead of one-on-one readings? Have you wondered about the lore and history of tarot cards and tarot divination?

Barbara also offers a Tarot class for groups of any size. She would spend about 20 to 30 minutes explaining the lore and history of tarot cards and how they because one of the most popular oracles in the world. Then she can pass out a “cheat sheet” with the card’s meanings on them to each person and with Barbara coaching, your guests will have a chance to try reading the cards on their own! Total time for this activity: about 60 to 90 minutes.

As an experienced psychic with years of experience in reading Tarot, Barbara can guide your experience, so your guests get the most out of their reading, ensuring they have fun and leave with lasting memories.