Are you thinking of having a Psychic Reader at your Halloween Party this year?

One thing I know about Halloween is that it is more FUN with a tarot reader or palm reader at your party. I love working at Halloween parties, everyone dresses up as creatively as possible while making the atmosphere more laid back than parties any other time of year. Halloween is not just for kids; it is just too much fun to leave it to them.

So, when do you start planning your Halloween party? If you want to find a good reader for it, start early. The Saturday before Halloween (this year on Oct 28th) is the hottest date in an entertainment psychic’s year. I sometimes (depending on the timing) entertain at 3 separate parties over the course of that day.

Book it early

If you plan to have good Psychic Entertainment, book it early. In fact, book it first, before you start budgeting for food or drink. Entertainment is more expensive than you think it is and, on that night, we charge a premium. Get organized and plan early. At the end of October, I will be booked, I will have booked some of my colleagues and people will have to be turned away because readers are just not available to take your party.

What makes a good Entertainment reader?

A good Entertainment reader may not be the psychic you consult for guidance a few times a year. For one thing, you want someone who can read fast. I can read 10 people an hour, most entertainment readers can do at least 8. And think about your head count: if you are having a large party, you may want to consider two readers to make sure everyone who wants a reading gets one.  Next reason to consider an entertainment reader is that you want to keep things light and FUN. You do not want your favorite consultant to get bogged down doing a few in-depth readings an hour.

Special theme

Are you having a special theme for your party? Most entertainment readers will accommodate you. I worked at a James Bond party once. I was Solitaire, of course. I borrowed a “James Bond” tarot deck (Originally designed for the Live and Let Die movie) and displayed it by my table. Gangster parties are very popular right now. I need to rent a costume, but doing a flapper look is easy and fun.

Whatever your idea is, a Psychic Entertainer is a perfect addition to making your party the one they remember all year. Just book us early to make sure you get the best for your party.

Looking for a fun idea for your next party or event at any time of the year? Consider Psychic Entertainment by Barbara G Meyer. If you are looking for a new idea for a ladies’ night out? Consider a Tarot class for you and your friends. Either in person or on Zoom.

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