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Ending the old Year

My first inclination was writing a blog entry about starting new things. An aces entry. But I think this year we need to start with what we are done with in the old year before we begin again. So instead of Aces, I will discuss 10s.

10s in Tarot are endings. Some are happy, 10 of Cups card is all rainbows and happy families. Some are disturbing such as 10 of Swords where your anxiety hits such a high level you cannot move anymore. But there is always hope: even as we are pinned to the ground with worry, the dawn breaks and a new day begins.

That is what the 10s are all about. What did we learn last year? What did our failures teach us? Before we start new, we need to put away the old. What worked last year and what did not.

Many articles that I am reading this week talk about how to make our resolutions work. To make us stick to our goals, we need to understand why we are doing it. We need to spend some time looking at why did our goals of last year fail? Do not make new goals for this year, make the same goals as last year if you still want them, but consider new ways to achieve them.

If you tried to find new love and ended up with a broken heart, what were the signs of trouble we ignored? Do not judge yourself and berate yourself for being stupid, just look at what happened carefully and if possible, forgive yourself for your mistakes. When you are can say, “Next time I will watch for the signs of trouble and run when they appear.” And “I will do things differently when I meet someone new,” you are ready to date again. But not until you can do this. It is very real: if you do not learn from the past, you are destined to repeat it.

What other plans did you have for last year that did not work out? Did you want to work out more? Lose weight? First, consider why you wanted this. Then, what plans did you make? Finally, why did those plans not work? Was it too hard to keep up the goal? Then make new smaller, easier goals this year. Did your lifestyle change so that keeping up the old goal was too hard? Figure out what you can do that matches your current life and try again.  Do not give up, just work on changing what did not work to a new possible system that could. This is an experiment, if one way does not work, what alternative can you try now?

10s are ending, but they lead to new beginnings. New Year is a great time to try again. So, try.

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