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Adventures in Tarot Cards: Dr. Who and the Lovers card

Did you ever watch Dr. Who? I am a huge fan.
This morning I watched the first of the new season of DW (with Peter Capeli) and a few minutes of the Hand of Fear (the last of Sarah Jane Smith in the Tom Baker years.) And I thought about the Lovers Card.
No, it isn’t that big a stretch. The Lovers is about Passion. It is about teaming together to build something new and wonderful ….together. The Lovers in my deck of choice (the World Tree Tarot) shows two people working together to create something between them. It will be better than either of them, and it will be a part of both of them. In the Rider Waite Lovers, the Man looks at the Woman while the Woman looks at the Angel sanctifying their relationship. Men, it says, see reality but Women see beyond. We see intuitively not just concretely. Is that a bad thing? Not to me, it isn’t.
In the new Who series, which I absolutely love, we see this type of relationship. The Doctor has been without humans around him for many years. He has fought in the Time Wars (which killed off most of HIS people—the Gallifraians and ATTEMPTED to Kill the Daleks, the pepper pot shaped killing machines that are his sworn enemies.) He is bitter and fiercely independent. Also, he is very powerful and with no government to stop him. He, despite his need to be “good” and even “heroic,” is a menace. He needs people around him, human beings who can balance him out. One companion, Donna, understood this. She called him on his anger and isolation. She told him he needs Humans to remind him of his well, Humanity. Otherwise, even though he has two hearts, he acts heartlessly, at time. The Human companion puts a brake on his passion and anger and allows him to navigate the tough choices that the Guardian of Good in the Universe must make.
The Lovers card is the same way. We can do a lot on our own. But a companion—not necessarily a LOVER, but perhaps a friend or co-worker can let us do much more than just what two people can do. Two sets of eyes see more, two sets of ears hear more and we can do more than twice as much with two people working together. We can support each other and help steady the work for each other. We can encourage each other. This is what the Lovers card really means: not Sex or “Romance” but LOVE, the love of others who really CARE about us, as we do them.
A partner may have a vision and we can help them bring it to reality. We may be lost in dreams of what could be and a partner helps us see the first step that must be taken. They say that marriage is happiness doubled and cares halved. This is what they mean, not romance, not sex, but CARING. That is the lesson of the Lovers.
Besides Romantic love, what do you see in the Lovers card? Are you with someone important to you? How do they complete you?

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