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It WILL be a wonderful life!

I doubt if there is a person in America who has not seen the movie It’s a Wonderful Life at least once. Just in case you have been living under a rock for 70 years, I will refresh your memory for a moment. A man named George is having a terrible Christmas Eve. He is facing disaster and disgrace because of the machination of the nasty local banker, Mr. Potter. George despairs to the point of considering suicide and is stopped by an angel sent down from Heaven.


He insists he wishes he were never born and the angel, Clarence, makes it happen. George then runs through the town and sees the result of his wish. The town is no longer called Bedford Falls. It is now Potterville, a dreadful place full of sleazy bars, and slummy houses. His brother, Harry, died when he was 8 years old because George was not there to save his life. And because of that, Harry was not there to save hundreds of lives during WWII. The pharmacist George had worked for as a young man accidentally killed a child because George did not stop him from sending them the wrong medicine. His wife became a spinster and never married. George is so appalled by this reality, he recants, and Clarence restores it to what it was. George is now happy and runs home to his awaiting family.


Thinking about this made me think about how I read tarot cards. When I read the cards, I am reading the Akashic Record. This is the record of all that has gone before. I do not try to read up the Record into the future, although it is possible to do that. Why? Because when we do we see a blacker and blacker future. Like George, we are not there yet to fix things as they go wrong to make the future better.


I have heard stories about readers that tell clients about the terrible things that will happen to their clients in the future. Some readers are swindle-artists preying on their fears, telling clients that if they pay the reader more money, the reader will fix things so the terrible things they described will not happen. But others are just wrong-headed readers who do not get it: as we move into the future, we work to make it better, and it does get better.


That is why we are told that to feel more at peace in our lives, we need to be more in the present. Concentrating on what could go wrong in the future is just inviting fear and despair. The future gets better as we get closer to it, if we just keep working on the present, we push the life needle to more positive outcomes. They will come. The future WILL be better, just you wait!


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