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Candle Magic

Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have this wish I wish tonight.
–Nursery Rhyme

We all wish for things. Sometimes we wish on stars, sometimes on birthday candles. Sometimes we pray, sometime we just wish. Sometimes, our wishes come true.

I have been asked about doing spells for people. I am NOT a witch who could do an enchantment or cause something to happen. But I do sometimes wish for things to go well for me or others or for someone in bad health to heal or many other things.

Sometimes these things have even happened.

Many people are looking for love and not finding it. How do we wish for that? Years ago, when I was working a Psychic Fair, I worked with a woman who was a hereditary witch (grandmother, mother and now her.) She had a client who wanted some magic to get a boyfriend and she gave her this spell: take a big pink candle (Pink for romance) and scratch your name on the side of it with a nail. Light it every day for 21 days for 20 minutes. After 21 days, throw it away. If it is going to work, that should be enough. Wait a full year. Then you can try the ritual again.

Did it work? I never found out. But I gave the same advice to a friend who was having trouble with a boyfriend. He was drifting away and she wanted him to stay. It worked for them; a year later they were still together. Was it the candle or her own power of the mind, concentrating on keeping him or even was it that she spent 20 minutes a day relaxing and thinking about him? No matter, it worked.

I am not sure about spells and how they work. I think a lot of it is the power of the human mind to create the reality we need and want. People in pain feel the love we send them and respond to it. They feel better. We did nothing except send healing thoughts, but the power of the mind is vast.

Do you want to try candle magic? It is cheap and non-toxic, maybe it would work for you. Take a candle in a color that symbolizes your desire. Pink for love, green for money or maybe prosperity, blue for peace, perhaps. What would symbolize joy or healing for you? I looked up color symbolism on the net and found many examples.

Then take your candle and put it in a prominent place in your home. Make it yours by scratching your name on the side of it. Every day, light it for 20 minutes while you meditate on what your desire is. At the end of 20 minutes, blow the candle out (don’t snuff it out) then repeat the process the next day. After 21 days, put the candle away and see what happens. You must give the wish several months (at least a year) to work.

Remember also that you must give back a bit, in thanks, for what you receive. Did you get some money? Give some to charity afterward. Did you get the love you wanted? Give something back–again charity is good, in thanks! Always show gratitude for gifts received.

Try it. I can’t promise it will work, but if it does, let me know in the comments section what you did and what worked for you. Good luck.

One warning: don’t try to get a black candle or something like it and wish bad things on others. Quite simply, it won’t work. Each of us is constantly trying to make our lives better for us. We are constantly (and usually unconsciously) wishing for GOOD things to happen to us. To try to wish for BAD to happen to someone else is just wasting energy sending it up against the GOOD energy your subject is exerting on themselves. It is a waste of your energy to try. Just wish for good for yourself and leave others—even those you hate—alone. They will have to find their own way.

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