Adventures in Tarot Cards: the 8 of Swords, reversed


Doing a reading about love

I did a reading online last week for a man. He was still in love with an ex-girlfriend from two years ago. She contacts him from time to time and he still lives in the hope that they will reunite. I had to tell him differently.

I did a full reading for him, but the specific card for her was 8 of swords, reversed. As I have said in previous blog posts, if a card appears upside down in a reading, that should be read as “not” whatever the upright meaning is. It can be a bit more complicated than that, but basically this is a good way to begin to read a card.

8 of Swords

If we read that way, 8 of Swords upright can mean that you are feeling stuck. Trapped by beliefs or by rules or fears that you think you must work with or maybe because of circumstances. You can use the swords to cut through the issues that bind you, but they are risky. Facing your blocks and getting free could hurt—and probably will–but it is worth the pain to get free. 8 of Swords reversed on the other hand, means you have gotten free already.

In this case, I saw the women in the card dancing in front of the swords. She no longer had any strings on her. She has become free of all her obligations. The client told me she had another boyfriend, but I do not think there is much commitment there. She wants only what she wants for herself.

Delivering the Bad news

But, my client protested, she calls me sometimes. And the answer to that is “So what?” Maybe she checks in, maybe she does it to keep him on the hook, but the way I read the cards, she is not interested in committing to him again. That is a tough lesson to learn but that is what is. It is tough to give someone bad news in a reading, but you cannot argue with reality. Now he must face that reality and move on—painful as it is.

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