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Oracles of all sorts…..

There is no one true way. I am tarot reader. I use tarot cards to read the Askashic record and see where people are coming from (literally) and where they are going–if they don’t change their patterns. Like big ocean liners, this change of course is not easy, but over time maybe they do.

This weekend I taught I Ching  for the Earth Spiritualists of Chicago. Fortunately, one of the students (there was a whole TWO of them!) knew even more than I did, and brought a batch of books with him. We had a lot of fun. We shook quarters and tossed my I Ching Sticks (a toy that I got years ago as an easy way to roll the hexagram.) Looked up the meanings  in various books for each reading and compared them. Discussed Visionary Software and their Synchronicity computer  program and on and on.

But the best part for me  was the realization that it is still ALL INTUITION in the end that gives you that A-HA! moment that a good reading will do. That moment of enlightenment, if you want. There is more than one way over the mountain to borrow a phrase from a friend but they all get to the same truth. There is NO ONE TRUE WAY. They all work. They all examine the same reality.

I love that.  The other teacher (unofficial but still) was the one I have mentioned who wants to study Horory (Sp?) astrology. He discussed the INTUITIVENESS of it. JOY! Astrology can be intuitive too! I am glad to know it. That makes it a study I could make if I ever wanted to put my life on hold for several years to do it. That makes SENSE.

I can see that. People talk about the forces, the energies, the pressure that Astrology puts on them. Perhaps, I could see that, but we still have free will. As long as I have that, I can be content.