Which is better: Tarot Cards or Palm Readings?

When I started reading tarot cards, I had a friend who was a palmist. She told me she just couldn’t get excited about Tarot cards. “I can spend a half an hour on someone’s palms, but only  a few minutes on their cards!” I told her I was just the opposite: I can spend lots of time on reading someone’s cards but palms for me are strictly a party reading: fun, fast and done. This is not to say that palms or any other oracle is wrong or bad, it just that cards are the one that resonates best with me. I believe that tarot, numerology, runes and the others are just ways to find our way to the Akashic record. This is the record of everything up to now. We find the info we need in that giant Database that is the Universe. I, personally, dislike Astrology because people use it as an excuse NOT to change or believe that they can’t change.  “I’m an Aquarian and I am like that.” Even career astrologers who insist that we still have free will, will talk of the moon is void of course so we can’t do things right now or don’t do a mailing because it is Mercury retrograde. I do use astrology occasionally: I see the Saturn return in the cards and even in my own life, but the day to day use of astrology irritates me to death. But any other oracle, even if I don’t use it, IS useful if it rings true to you. My Goddaughter uses Norse Runes and does serious Rune study. Eventually I may try it. I read I Ching as my personal oracle when I want a reading and I have a book for more serious study that I use occasionally. Ultimately, it comes down to this: there is no one true way. Find your own.

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