Picking a Tarot Deck

How do you pick a deck to use? There are hundreds even thousands of published and unpublished decks to choose from. Some people like to create their OWN tarot decks. Some decks have pictures on the Minor Arcana. some (referred to as Marseille decks) don’t.

The best way to pick a deck for you is to look at a lot of them. Ask friends to let you look at their decks. Go to a store where they will let you look at lots of different decks. Don’t just look at the boxes, thumb through the cards. If you go on-line, most tarot card publishers will show several example cards out of a deck. Pick a deck with pictures that attract you. Ask yourself: do these pictures say something to me? Do I understand at least some of the pictures and what they are saying?  Do I like the art? How do I feel looking at these cards? No, that is not irrelevant: I for one, feel very uncomfortable looking a the pictures of Toth (or Crowley) deck. (Others LOVE that deck. It isn’t a bad deck, but the mind behind it was very different than mine and the messages of the cards give me the willies.) Some decks you won’t feel anything about, others will be so meaningful to you, you will KNOW what many of the  cards mean to you.

That one would probably be a good deck for you.

Take your deck home and play with it. Don’t memorize the meanings of the cards as listed in the Little White Book that comes with it, try to figure out what each card may mean for YOU. That is the way to open up your Inner Vision.

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