What are tarot cards?

I am sure you have seen Tarot cards and wondered about them. Maybe you have even had a reading before. I am starting a new series here of short pieces about tarot. I hope you enjoy them. For this first piece, lets talk about what Tarot is and what it is not. It is 78 cards, including 56 minor Arcana, the suits cards, cups, pentacles, swords and wands with 4 court cards in each suit, King, Queen, Knight and Page.

Then come the infamous Major Arcana, which includes Death, the Devil, the Tower and such fun cards as the Lovers and the Chariot.

What it is NOT is a way to tell what the future will be. The future is not set in stone. Options and possibilities are available to us all. So all we readers can really tell is what is possible, not what will happen.

So if Tarot does not tell the future, what does it do? It allows people to open up to the Askasic Record, the record of everything up to this moment. It enables you to see the patterns of thoughts and behaviors. To see reality as it is, not as you may want it to be. Tarot can give you facts. It cannot give you help. That is for YOU to give yourself.  Just open up your inner vision.

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