High Priestess

The High Priestess

To contradict the good Captain, The Mind, not Space is the final frontier. As we begin our Tarot Journey, we are the Magician who lays out  the tools and starts figuring out what he or she can and cannot do with them. But we also find that doing Tarot can be hazardous. We open up to the Greater Universe and find it isn’t all that friendly. There are other peoples’ though patterns out there, patterns that we don’t believe are good or reasonable. Look at that person there, they are Gay or into Bondage, or Catholicism or they like or hate their Mothers. These are thoughts we can’t think on. To acknowledge their existence means we could go mad. Or maybe, just maybe, we could become sane. And see reality in all its beauty and pain as it really IS, not as we want it to be.
Traditionally the High Priestess guards the secret room. She sits in front of a curtain holding the scroll of Tarot. We are not allow to look at the secrets she guards. Currant culture is tearing down that curtain and letting us see the inside of the scroll.  Inside that room and that scroll are our own hidden thoughts. The ones we don’t want to think about as well as the thoughts of other people we must acknowledge in order to be a successful Tarot reader. This is not to say we must agree with their thoughts, we just have to acknowledge them. To understand that there is no one true way, and other ways to think about sex, God, or the World, if not OUR way, are still reasonable.
This is part of being a good tarot reader. To accept all thought patterns as real, not necessarily as better or worse than others. This requires spending time looking inward, looking at what WE–the seeker–thinks about things. What do I really think about the Gay or BDSM lifestyle? What is Catholicism about? My religion is better….isn’t it?
My deck of choice, the World Tree Tarot has an untraditional take on the High Priestess. She stands at an alter with NO tools on it. Only the elements Water, Air, Fire and Earth. The Sun and the Moon. The High Priestess is traditional Yin to the Magicians Yang, this is more emotion to the Magicians Analysis. She uses her brain power to produce results, not outside tools. Many witches as well as Psychics cannot do their magic without tools whether it is Tarot cards, rune stones or Athame and chalice. But real magic, the High Priestess says, is in the brain, not the body. It is will shaped by thought, not by tools. Tools point, but they still only direct the power of the will. So the ultimate tool is really your own Inner Vision.

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