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Adventures in Tarot Cards: 8 of cups

“Something hidden. Go and find it. Go and look behind the Ranges– Something lost beyond the ranges. Lost and waiting for you. Go!” –Rudyard Kipling “The Explorer” 8 of Cups has always been a favorite card of mine. It usually (we will use the Rider-Waite as an example here) shows a person walking away from… Continue Reading

Predicating the Super Bowl

I was contacted by a local On-line Newspaper for a Super Bowl prediction. So I made one. See the article at Justine Breen, Senior editor at Chicago asked me for a score Prediction and WHY I felt that team will win. Now I know NOTHING about Football but I have been asked for… Continue Reading

Card of the day: High Priestess

The High Priestess traditionally is the guardian of secrets. She is a teacher rather than a doer.  But if you listen, you can learn much information you can use.   Followers of the I Ching may know the High Priestess as Yin (passive) to the Magicians Yang (active.) But she is not completely unmoving. Nor… Continue Reading

Card of the day: 10 of Wands Reversed— Quitting is not Failing

I was reading the new Freakonomics book (Levitt, Stephen and Stephan Dubner, Think like a Freak, William Morrow, 2014.) In this book, they discuss the “Upside of Quitting.” They make a distinction between stopping and failing. Why quitting or giving up is NOT a failure. We all subscribe to the Winston Churchill ideal of never,… Continue Reading

Magicians vs Tarot cards

I can rarely enjoy a magic show anymore. I worked for a short time in the office of a wonderful mentalist and good friend (as well as a greatly respected mentor who helped me break into the psychic entertainment business.)  Once he twirled the stem on a pocket watch, handed it to me then guessed… Continue Reading

Picking a Tarot Deck

How do you pick a deck to use? There are hundreds even thousands of published and unpublished decks to choose from. Some people like to create their OWN tarot decks. Some decks have pictures on the Minor Arcana. some (referred to as Marseille decks) don’t. The best way to pick a deck for you is… Continue Reading