There are no rules in Tarot

When I teach a Tarot Class, I get asked about how we obtain our decks. Someone usually asks, it is true you have to be gifted your first deck? Well, no, that is a myth. I bought all my own decks and freaked out my tax accountant when I went pro because I could now write them off on my taxes!

When I started reading, on the other hand, I thought I had to sleep with my deck under my pillow. A bookstore owner explained that that was simply not true. Was I glad! I had been getting a very stiff neck.

In reality, there are no rules of how to read cards or even rules about what the cards mean. At one point, I had an argument with a friend over the meaning of the 4 of pentacles. He insisted it always means one thing (I do not remember now what he thought it was) and my reply was “yes, it means that, except when it doesn’t.” Eventually, he broadened his outlook on that card and began to see that (in this one area at least) I was correct.

When I teach, I give out a list of basic meanings for each card, but these are just beginnings. When you are in the middle of a reading you may come up with a whole new meaning for that card. A meaning that means you are opening your third eye and getting insight directly from the Universe. Coming up with a new meaning for a card is an exciting and creative event. Trust yourself. Believe that you are right, and you will see that there is more depth to tarot than you ever believed before.

When I taught a tarot class once, I was encouraging the students to really LOOK at the picture on the card. What did it suggest to them? One woman was reading the 8 of Cups using the Robin Wood Deck. She noted that there were boulders to get over at the base of the mountain and said, “You have obstacles to overcome but you can get past them.” I was surprised, this was a meaning I never saw in that card, I was very impressed. That was really opening that third eye!

Some like to use structured spreads to lay out the cards. This gives some readers a framework to lay their cards on for their reading. Others like to just lay the cards out as they seem to want to go. This allows them to figure out which cards are more significant to that reading and what the framework is as they work. Neither is right or wrong. There are just no rules in Tarot.

Tell me, what works for you?

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