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The Empress

The Empress–recorded 10/13/09 With the Magician and the High Prestress we discussed what you, the Fool, can or cannot do with your tools, the tarot and your own talents and thoughts. Now we will meet our teachers, or really, our role models. The first of these is the Empress. The Empress is Earth bound. She… Continue Reading

High Priestess

The High Priestess To contradict the good Captain, The Mind, not Space is the final frontier. As we begin our Tarot Journey, we are the Magician who lays out  the tools and starts figuring out what he or she can and cannot do with them. But we also find that doing Tarot can be hazardous.… Continue Reading

The Fool

The Fool dances on the edge of a cliff. In at least one 19th Century deck, the Wirth Tarot, there is a crocodile, waiting expectantly for the Fool to fall into his open month. We all know people like this, who seem to take risk after risk and always come out on top. We care… Continue Reading

I was on radio!

I was interviewed on Witch School Radio last night. They are doing Tarot nights once a week, switching to Thursdays starting the 17 of November. They played my High Priestess spot, which is the longest spot so far. (I try to keep them at 3 minutes but I think this one went a FULL three… Continue Reading

tarot card talk on the radio!

I am on the radio now, at least Internet radio. 17 yrs ago I appeared on my friends radio show, Psychic Chicago Radio. I did readings on the air, it was FUN.  Also we recorded Radio spots of me talking about Tarot. Now they are doing Witch School Radio and have asked me to do… Continue Reading