The Empress

The Empress–recorded 10/13/09

With the Magician and the High Prestress we discussed what you, the Fool, can or cannot do with your tools, the tarot and your own talents and thoughts. Now we will meet our teachers, or really, our role models. The first of these is the Empress.

The Empress is Earth bound. She lives and revels in the abundance of the Earth. In many decks, she is pregnant, symbolizing abundance, sexuality, sensuality and unrealized potential. She is cheerful and contented. She is in charge of what IS now, what we can do right now. She is practicality.

Unlike the High Priestess she doesn’t keep anything a secret. She is wide open. She is passionate, she loves unconditionally, non-judgmentally, everyone and everything. You can’t help but like the Empress.

Or do you? Do you find her scarey? Do you think there are ideas or thoughts or fantasies that  should be hidden, not discussed so openly. Do you have secrets? Fetishes? Grudges? Things that make you angry?  Things you love that you are ashamed of?  Thinks you did wrong in the past? Regrets of things you didn’t do in the past? Just things you don’t want to think about? Then spend some time with her. You can’t become a great reader until you face all your fears, all your hidden loves, hates and passions. You don’t have to act on them, you just have to know they are there. Without thinking you are a bad person for having such ideas. Secrets that you keep from the rest of the world are fine. Secrets we keep from ourselves are trouble.

The Empress accepts reality unconditionally. The world is what it is. Not what we want or think it is SUPPOSED to be, but what it is. What will you do about something you don’t like? Will you fix it? Accept it? Wallow in it and complain a lot? The Empress for all her flaky hippie-dip sensuality is a pragmatist. Reversed she is a dreamer, complaining that the world is not as it SHOULD be and being unhappy because if it. The Empress right side up takes things as they come. Not passively, “well, I guess this is all I get.” But actively, “Well, this is all I have for now, but I can work with it. Maybe more will come later.”  Seeing reality as it is, but still being optimistic about the future allows us to open up to the possibilities we see in our Inner Vison.

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