Psychic Shopping

Listen to the voices. The wee inner voices. Even if they don’t speak, only breathe a little, like dirty phone calls. Do anything they tell you to do except rape, kill or pillage. (The voices make mistakes sometimes, but they don’t make boring mistakes.)


I bought a desk today.

I have needed a desk for months. The leg on my current one is loose and I was afraid it would one day collapse and drop the heavy desk top onto my computer tower underneath.  I shopped a bit, but I never found one I liked. I drooled over high end desks (WAY out of my budget) and checked out cheaper desks (funny how they send out a message of “I am very important” even though they are made out of such junky material.)  I looked at light weight dorm-style desks, very innovative, but with no storage. Finally today, I went to run errands and I KNEW I needed to hit my favorite resale store. I just…knew… I needed to go look there today. So I did. And there it was: the Desk. Actually, it was a desk I couldn’t even dream about. The essence of deskness. It has what I need in a desk: a file drawer in the desk and lots of other spaces for storage too. It was being sold at a price I could afford.  It is also very well made by a very high end furniture maker. (I looked it up later.)  In fact, it is probably the finest piece of furniture I have ever owned.  When I got home, I researched it on the internet. I got the desk, which was brand new (the woman in the shop said it was a discontinued floor model) for about 15% of the retail price.

I got it, because I listened to that little voice in my head that said, “Go today. Now, if you can.” I didn’t go right away, I had errands to run, so I went AFTER those, but the whole time I was doing errands I could feel it, “Go today, you need to look for a desk. Today.”

When I was in college and I was playing with Tarot cards for the first time.  I would get hunches and they always came true. These were not about big things, like play the lottery and winning millions or stay home today to avoid a terrible tragedy. Instead they were about small things, “if you check the library shelves today, that book you have wanted to read for months (but had always been out) will be on the shelf.”  Or “go to this networking event, you will met someone very important to you.”

When I got scared by tarot (it got too real) and stopped playing with such toys, I stopped getting hunches too. I closed off all the psychic stuff for about 12 years until I was reintroduced to tarot and as they say, the rest (for me at least) is history.

I read tarot cards and palms but that does not mean information cannot come in other ways as well.  The little voices in my head have served me well over the years. As I started to open up to psi again, I would pass used bookstores and hear a book call out to me (one literally said, “Yoo-hoo!” as I walked past the doorway.)  I would walk in and wander about a while, saying to myself, “OK, where are you?” and eventually I would find it, the book I had been looking for–for months–the one the library didn’t carry and that was out of print. And there it was: a cheap paperback copy of it. Calling to me.

Or like a friend of mine who needed a car. She REALLY needed a car. She did not get a new car, but a friend suddenly had an old car, that would work very well for her. And for a reasonable price it was hers.

Try it yourself. Think about something you need or really want. Be specific and reasonable, we aren’t talking lottery wins here. Don’t make a plan to find it, don’t put a price on it, just think about it. Think about what features you need and how it will fit in your home or life. Then let it go. It will come to you. It may take a while; the desk took about 8 months or so. But it will come.

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