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Full Blood Moon and an eclipse!

The Moon’s the North Wind’s cooky.

He bites it, day by day,

Until there’s but a rim of scraps

That crumble all away.


The South Wind is a baker.

He kneads clouds in his den,

And bakes a crisp new moon that . . . greedy

North . . . Wind . . . eats . . . again!

–Vachel Lindsay



Sunday night was the Full Moon and a special full moon too: a “Blood Moon” although I could not see the red color (although apparently it was quite red to people watching downtown.) And a Lunar eclipse which was amazing to watch.

The Full moon is a climax, a moment of the highest of high energy. After that, there is a time of diminishment until the New moon (and moon dark) comes at last. After that, the moon (and your energy) begins to grow again.

Starting right after the Full moon is a good time to purge. Put papers and clutter away and clear the decks for new adventure. Delete old files, finish old projects and get ready to start again at the new moon with new rising energy. This is NOT a time to start a new adventure, but a time to PREPARE to start. Clearing out leaves you room to FOCUS and do whatever preparation is necessary to begin the new project.

What are your plans? What new things do you want to start this Fall season? What will you give up to get the new project going? As I have said in previous posts, quitting can be a good thing, if it allows you to pursue something that is better. Alternatively, this can be a time to REST. Since the Full moon can be a climax or peak, the waning moon can be a time of rest and recovery. Use the waning moon’s energy to clear the negativity out of you.

Right after the Full moon, I like to put some of my crystals out in a window to clean. The Waning moon drains negativity from them and then the waxing moon that follows recharges them. I take one of them with me when I work to give me energy and absorb negative energy from the clients I work with, so my readings can stay positive and FUN, the way I like them to be.

A book on magic that I have read also suggested that this is a good time to start working on losing weight. Think long and hard about your goal and begin to work on a better diet, more exercise or whatever you need to reduce the pounds along with the waning moon cycle.

This is not a new year or even a momentous date during the year. But the Full moon is a good time to think about the ending of a cycle of your life. Not a big one, but still ending and beginnings. What do you want to end and what do you want to begin?