Finding your Tarot community

Do you do I love it. It is a great place for me to find people who are interested in the same things I am. Most are free or very inexpensive to join. There are a variety of Tarot meetups to join. I love meeting with people on Zoom and talking tarot, but there… Continue Reading

Ending the old Year

My first inclination was writing a blog entry about starting new things. An aces entry. But I think this year we need to start with what we are done with in the old year before we begin again. So instead of Aces, I will discuss 10s. 10s in Tarot are endings. Some are happy, 10… Continue Reading

It WILL be a wonderful life!

I doubt if there is a person in America who has not seen the movie It’s a Wonderful Life at least once. Just in case you have been living under a rock for 70 years, I will refresh your memory for a moment. A man named George is having a terrible Christmas Eve. He is… Continue Reading

Boundaries and the Seven of Wands

I was surfing the internet and found an article about “hard to swallow truths your therapist had told you.” The only one I really looked at was: “I am tired of being the bigger person.” “Then stop hanging out with such little people.” Brilliant! It is so easy to say, I will be the bigger… Continue Reading

The Moon

Beginning of this month was a full moon and lunar eclipse. I do not do astrology so I am not sure what the significance of that is, except that it can be pretty to look at. The Full Moon was beautiful. The Moon in tarot is about dreams and visions. What you want to become… Continue Reading