4 of cups Redux

When opportunity knocks, don’t knock the opportunity.
Lynn Johnston (For Better or For Worse comic strip 6/8/24)

I like to say there is no one true meaning for any tarot card. I have now an opportunity to prove it: I am going to write THREE blog entries about the 4 of cups. I have done one already: 4 of cups and Spring cleaning (https://www.bgmeyer.com/4-of-cups-and-spring-cleaning.html) and now this is the second.

Comic Wisdom
I love a comic strip called For Better and For Worse, I have been following it for at least 4 decades. Recently she had a strip where one person (Mike) who aspires to be a journalist got his first story published. The trouble was, they cut all but 3 lines out of it! Still, it was a published article. His friend Gordon comforts him with the line above and I agree with Gordon wholeheartedly. We do not always know how we will achieve success, but we need to accept good when it comes no matter how it seems.

4 of Cups
The 4 of cups shows a person frowning at the 3 cups before him. And next to him yet another cup is materializing. He really does not feel very good about the bounty he has, and we probably think he is being very ungrateful. But sometimes, this is the way we get to what we want. I was taught years ago that when we want something, we should send it out to the Universe. (We do this by praying, mediating, or writing it down, or however works for you to acknowledge the future outcome we want.) Then, we must wait. We must work. We must let go of the timetable—probably the hardest thing. It may take a while to get the success we want, but trust that it will come…eventually. But the other thing we must do is let go of the path that will lead us to success. It may be different than we assume. And that can be scary too!

Getting to the Goal
Once we acknowledge what we want, we get to work on our goal. The path we are on is the one we assume we need to be on to lead to success. At least, we hope so. But sometimes opportunities open that make things happen faster than we had hoped. It may seem different or weird or (at first glance) disappointing but that is what not knocking the opportunity is about. Accept all progress as progress and you will make it to your goal even faster than you thought. Be grateful for the small things, they will produce results you never expected. Do not knock the opportunities, no matter how insignificant they seem, they are steppingstones to success.

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