Predicating the Super Bowl

I was contacted by a local On-line Newspaper for a Super Bowl prediction. So I made one. See the article at

Justine Breen, Senior editor at Chicago asked me for a score Prediction and WHY I felt that team will win. Now I know NOTHING about Football but I have been asked for such predictions before and they are fun to make, even though I don’t usually prove very accurate.

My biggest hesitation is that I believe we cannot actually predict the future. When we are looking for information in the Tarot Cards, we are really looking at the Askaskic Record, the record of everything up until this moment. You CAN look UP the Record to the future, but you will see gloom and doom and bad outcomes. This is not because those are what will happen, but because you haven’t gotten there yet. If you do nothing about your issues, they will just get worse—don’t do anything about it and entropy rules. But if you start putting energy into improving things that are a problem for you, if you work on changing your life for the better, your life will get better. You won’t always make the right choices, but any change is helpful in the long run. So, by exerting your will, you avoid the bad future you might otherwise have.

So I can’t look for what WILL happen but I CAN look for information. So I looked for Justin to see which team looked better. The future here is not entirely random; there is some information “out there” about the teams. So I pulled cards to compare the teams:

Cards: Seahawks: Ace of Wands, Judgement and 6 of Swords
Patriots: King of Swords Rx and the Sun (19)

I added cards together to get the scores (Judgement is 20 and 6 of Swords) and Sun is 19.

Score Prediction: Seattle Seahawks 23, New England Patriots 19
Reason why winning team will prevail: I think the Patriots don’t have a good defense strategy. (I know NOTHING of football except that the Patriots and Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl!) It looks to me like they will lose because they don’t know how to respond to certain plays by the SeaHawks. The Seahawks have a certain unpredictability about them!

I really am rooting for the SeaHawks, for no good reason than friends are rooting for them. Will this work out? I have no idea. Justin published my prediction and in an auto file embedded in the article discussed with another Football commentator. Apparently, 19 is a next to impossible score to get in football (like I said, I know NOTHING about the sport!) And the couch of the Patriots is a very good defensive strategist. So, all I can say is, we will see!

Interestingly, I was contacted by WLS-AM 890 A local Radio station. They will be interviewing me on Friday, Jan, 31, at 6:18 AM. I will talk about my prediction and also about how changes that happen after I made it, may change the result. I don’t suddenly think the Patriots will win, but the prediction was made BEFORE the “DeflateGate” scandal, so maybe it will make a difference in morale. Stay tuned, sports fans!

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