The Magician

The Fool carries the tools of his trade in a bindlestiff on his back. The Magician lays them out on the table and starts using them. The four symbols of the Tarot are there: Cup, Sword, Pentacle and in many decks he wields the Wand.
The Magician is a person of power but he is still Human. He has power because he takes it, not because it is bestowed on him.  We are still at the beginning of our journey, the Magician is numbered as one. We don’t do anything we put our hands to perfectly the first time. Maybe sometimes we get lucky and it comes out pretty good, but most of the time you must make huge mistakes at first. Gradually you learn to master the power you have (Not what you have been given, but what you already have) and improve.
The Magician is on his own: he has no teacher yet. These come later, for now, he (or she) explores the tools and see how they work. Likewise, for those of us trying to learn the Esoteric arts, teachers are good, but not required to get started on learning. Especially tarot: best if one starts on ones own instead of having someone else tell us what the cards mean.
To do this we must instill ourselves with a Foolish or childish attitude. “I am not sure if this will work, but I will try it.” People sometimes call children the best scientists. They are curious about the world and explore it by trying things out. You could say the Magician then is the child as Engineer. I have tools, what will happen when I wield them?
If the Magician comes up in a reading, know that you, the querent, have the power–the talent to do what you want to do. No excuses. Now begin.  Reversed, the Magician is the card of the complainer, “I never get what I want.” Yet, here are all the tools you need to begin. What are you waiting for? Just open up your Inner Vision.



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