The Chariot

The Chariot

The Chariot shows a man driving a chariot, pulled by two animals, usually a black horse and a white horse, almost invariably without reins. He is steering them just by the power of the mind. This is a card that has varied from deck to deck, but not changed much in its subject. This is all about harnessing the power of our will to move forward in our lives.

The horses are black and white, for the two aspects of our consciousness, the good and the bad or the deep and the shallow, the creative and the practical, the emotional and the intellectual. We will always feel conflict in moving forward, there are ALWAYS choices to be made. Is this the best way? Is there another thing we might do instead? Is this even a reasonable thing to be doing? If we wait for absolute certainty, for finding the PERFECT choice, we won’t get very far. Ultimately, we move by making hundreds of small choices and small adjustments as we go, as our body does as we walk, to keep us upright.

But we all know we aren’t born walking. We must learn to walk, to figure out a good way to go by trial and error. The Chariot isn’t just about movement, it is about balance. It is about finding a way, not the ONLY way, or maybe not even the best way, but A way that gets us to move forward in our lives.

Reversed, the Chariot is about stagnating. We say we can’t get forward, because we haven’t the tools or the map or some other excuse. Tools are not the problem, lack of will is the problem. If you want to move, you can. Or it means running around in circles because we don’t want to move off this particular path. But to get to a Goal, we must sometimes go down roads we never expected. So get on that horse and just ride. Open up your Inner Vision and “Hi-yo, Silver! Away!”

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