Hiring talent (whether a tarot card reader or something else…..)

I am always reading in party planning guides about hiring the talent (the entertainment) early. This is always a bigger part of the budget than people expect. How many magicians, tarot readers, and musicians (especially!) get told, that is too expensive, we already spend so much on venue (or food or whatever), can’t you come down in price? Most of us, I am sure.

You can’t scrimp on entertainment.  You can get cheaper readers, some of which are very talented. But are they reliable? are they always positive? always able to keep up their time and get everyone read? Do they dress well? You don’t want a lousy band with tone-deaf singers or a magician who dresses sloppy and does boring clumsy tricks, so why hire anything but the very best psychic reader?

So I tell all my friends who are planning parties and all the clients who call (who haven’t already spent all their budget) to figure out their entertainment budget early. Lock in your talent and the rest is easy. You can buy food at the last minute. You probably can’t get a good tarot reader the day before Halloween.

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