Who is Afraid of the Big, Bad Tarot Cards?

When I go to gigs, people always say: keep it positive, don’t give any bad news. Usually, these are people who have never been read. This week I did a river/lake cruise. A fun event too, but one of the women in charge was so nervous. She was so worried I would tell someone they were going to die or something. I picked up her hand and read her right there.

She was amazed. And reassured. I didn’t tell her bad news, just confirmation of who she was. What do people think cards can do? Do they really believe they have no free will? No power to make their lives better?
Cards can only see what is there already. I always ask for the cards for good news for them (it may not be good news to me, but for them it is) or for information they may or may not find useful (usually when they ask for some information on a topic.) People always ask for their “future” but that is the one thing that is NOT determined yet. So I can see where they are headed, but not where they will end up.

Do other readers find that true too?
I don’t like Astrology for that reason. It assumes the planets will go where they want, and do what they will, and we have no control. How many of us have said or heard someone say, “oh, I am a Pisces, I can never make up my mind!” As though it wasn’t your responsibility.

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