That Ace of Pentacles moment

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

–Chinese Proverb


Aces in tarot are new beginnings. Ace of Wands, new enterprise, or business. Ace of Cups, new love or new energy and excitement. And Ace of Pentacles is a new path opening before you.


I wanted to start something new. I love fiber craft and I wanted crafters to join me. A friend gave me the best advice I have ever gotten: Build it and they will come. Not ghosts from the corn fields, but new friends who also like to knit, crochet, weave and even spin on a spinning wheel!  It was an Ace of Pentacles moment, where a new path forward opened for me. I created a Meetup called Chicago Fiber Artists and FUN was had! The group expanded to over a hundred members. We met once a month and laughed and talked and had a great time.


Eventually, the energy ran out and I closed the group down. I was busy with other things, and I let it all go. Then came COVID. I had time on my hands again. I missed the energy that we had when we got together. I considered making a new group.


This time, I did not want to use, instead I went to Facebook. I could have made a Fiber group or even a knitting group, but I wanted a bit more. I started a group called Stitching for Charity. I would have called it Knitting for Charity, but a friend had taken me to task for that before. She is strictly a crocheter and she did not want to feel left out, so the name became Stitching for Charity. (It turns out to be a good thing! There is a Knitting for Charity group on Facebook already—and far more organized than I will ever be.)


And they are coming again. Slowly. I have about 55 members now and more apply every week. I have found out about charities that make little cotton sacks that they put a bar of soap in and give them to the poor (  There are people that knit mats for dogs and cats in shelters ( There are various groups that make blankets and scarves and gloves for homeless people. And it is FUN.


I have so much yarn stash it is a little embarrassing. Making things for charity allows me to keep knitting (you can only do some many presents for people!) and feel I am making a (small) difference in the world. And it all started with that Ace of Pentacles moment: I decided to build it and it has come.


Now I ask you: what Ace of Pentacles moment have you been feeling the itch to do? What project do you want to try but you are afraid you will fail at? It does not really matter, just start. See where it takes you. This is an experiment. JUST an experiment. If you do not like it, you can stop. If it does not go where you want it to, stop. But you never know where you will end up if you start. That is the fun of it all.


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