Conversation Hearts and other oracles

I had a discussion, years ago, with a friend who was a palmist. She said she could spend 30 minutes doing a palm reading but only a few doing a tarot reading. I felt that for me, the opposite was true. We discussed the various merits of each oracle and I ended by declaring that ANYTHING could be used as an oracle. Even candy conversation hearts. I have gone on to prove it.


This discussion ended up being the reason we did a Chocolate Oracles workshop at a Science Fiction Convention a few years later. Among other things, we created oracles using M&M’s. For my system, I laid them out in a circle of twelve, doing a Horoscope spread like I do for tarot cards. Red meant anger, green envy, yellow happiness, and so on. I cannot remember what light and dark brown were. Nowadays we have blue also, what would that mean? In any case, we had fun with it and yes, I did some real readings.


This brought me to the point I was making at the beginning of this post and the original argument: Valentine Conversation hearts. At Valentine’s Day I bought big conversation hearts and created an oracle to fit them. Pink obviously was love, purple passion (and maybe infatuation), yellow was happiness, green jealousy. I would have the guest at a party around this time get their reading and then pick a candy heart out of a bowl. The reading of the heart would add and compliment the reading of the tarot cards.


The message added to that: Pink and “you kid” means you are very in love but not sure that you really believe what they tell you. A blue one saying “Call me” says that they are not contacting you enough. Green and “Be mine” may indicate possessiveness. Fun messages can be had, use your imagination.


Nowadays I cannot get my favorite one, Necco hearts. They tasted the best and had clearly printed messages. With luck, by the time I do another Valentine’s party they will be available again. Meanwhile, get some and try it out yourself with your friends. It is FUN!


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