Devil card: Everyone is mad as Hell

• I read an advice column recently. A woman is bitterly complaining about her sister-in-law. She judges everything this woman has and does and puts it down.

• I read in another advice column where the bride is complaining that people did not spend more than $300 on gifts for her wedding. And she is painfully disappointed.

• I stop reading and turn on the TV. There is news about how people are starting fights in airplanes or getting kicked off for being unruly. Worse now than ever before the Pandemic.

People are so angry right now. Some is justified, the state of politics in this country is truly appalling, and some is so petty and personal that sometimes I feel like I should take a person over my knee and spank them. But in reality, I know what I want to do is I want to hug them tight until their anger leaves.

This Pandemic has left us exhausted and for most of us, home-bound. Now we can get out and move around, but we find we still want to work from home. Most of us have discovered we just want to be our own unsupervised bosses.

The Devil Card
The Devil card is about hanging on when we need to let go. It maybe a relationship where we are still wanting to stay (even though the other person has already left.) It may be hanging on to old ideas. Or it can be judging others by what they have or do that we do not have (and maybe want). Finally, it is wanting more and more and being angry and disappointed when we do not get it. It pulls us down and we are stuck in a rut we do not feel we can get out of. And we get more angry and bitter the longer we stay in our rut.

Let it go
I am not always a big fan of Frozen, but sometimes that is what we need to do. To let go of the rules and expectations that bind us. When we are disappointed in not getting what we wanted, it is usually because we feel unappreciated or unloved. If we are forced to follow rules we do not want to follow, we lash out because we are tired of being told what to do. When we judge others, it is because we are not secure in what we have and where we are, and we really want to be reassured that we are doing things “right”.

Devil is about hanging on to anger. If we give love instead, reassurance instead of dismissal, understanding and explanations instead of declarations, we may be able to break out of our ruts and let go of the angry Devil forces that bind us.

Just a thought.

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