Boundaries and the Seven of Wands

I was surfing the internet and found an article about “hard to swallow truths your therapist had told you.”

The only one I really looked at was: “I am tired of being the bigger person.” “Then stop hanging out with such little people.”

Brilliant! It is so easy to say, I will be the bigger person here and give in. But if it is not making us happy, why do we keep doing it? We cannot make someone else change, and to avoid conflict by giving in all the time is a recipe for our own unhappiness. We must just set a boundary and stick to it.

The 7 of Wands depicts someone standing their ground against unseen threats. It can feel a bit overwhelming but holding the high ground will give you an advantage. If you know you are correct, then what do you really need to feel doubtful about?

It is so hard to accept that we must set boundaries and then enforce them too. We need to say no sometimes, even if we feel guilty about it. People that do not respect our boundaries are not worth keeping as friends. Or relatives. It is not easy but for our sanity’s sake, so very important.

Boundary setting can therefore require a bit of homework. What do you really think about the issue? Once you know, deep inside yourself what is the right of an issue, the boundary is easy to set. And sticking with it becomes much easier. It could cost you the friendship of the other person, but what is really lost if they overstep your boundaries?

Boundaries are personal. They are not something you feel someone else should set, they are something you set for yourself. This can be a tough decision to make. But decide for yourself what you want and stick to it. For you and your own sanity.

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