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Tarot Card Classes

Are you looking for something fun to do with friends for a Ladies Night Out, Bachelorette Party or Team building event? Try hosting an Introduction to Tarot Cards Class.

I have been reading Tarot cards for over 35 years. I teach a FUN class on how you too can be a tarot reader. I start with a short lecture about Tarot cards, their history, the theory of tarot card reading and some myths about the cards that I can dispel. I explain that the future is still yours to create, no one is ever left stuck with bad news.

Then comes the FUN part: We have a hands-on program where I bring out a tarot deck and get volunteers involved. One volunteer is asked to ask a question of the cards. After they select their card, another person is assigned the task of reading that card for the questioner. I coach the reader, but they do the reading on their own. Then we pick out another pair of volunteers. Eventually, if we have time, we graduate to picking three cards and I will demonstrate bigger spreads like the classic Celtic Cross and the Horoscope spread.

Everyone gets a handout with the meanings of the cards and a few suggested spreads to get them started in exploring tarot cards on their own. The result is very entertaining, and everyone has a good time. I would recommend a minimum of 10 people, but more is never a problem.


Want to come along? I am going to be holding classes at these locations this Summer and Fall.

Hosting A Virtual Tarot Party

Hosting A Virtual Tarot Party

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